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Latest News (01/2000)

1998 Tour Photo Folder...

Well, not a tour report yet, but I've put some information on the stuff they sold on tour.
Highlight is a photo folder!


Internet Video Clip

See part of Doro's guest appearance as actress in the German soap opera "Verbotene Liebe"...

Photo Galleries & Live Reports

Click here to see photos and live reports of Doro and also of Warlock.
(last updated 02.11.98)

Links to other great Doro Pages

Be sure to check them out. Most of them are much better than my pages!
(last updated 03.10.98)

Doro Mailing List

Be sure to subscribe to the Doro mailing list to get the latest news and discuss with others!
(new: 14.06.98)

Doro Fanclub

Infos on the "Ultimate Doro Clan" and on the U.S. fanclub.

Doro in the Media / Doro in den Medien

What the magazines say about Doro and where she can be seen on tv.
Was dies Meatl-Magazine über Doro schreiben und wo sie im Fernsehen auftritt.
(last updated 09.10.98)

Some 1998 poll results for Doro:
By the way, you are visitor number on this Doro pages since March 8th, 1998.

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